Saturday, August 16, 2008

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  • "Are you too shy? Too pushy? Do you cry too much? Do you cry too little? Do you pull your hair? Other people's hair? Are you afraid of spiders? Or water tanks? Or stuffed animals?"
  • Reader Digest!!! Oh i love that Magazine..
  • Since childhood I am a reader of Reader Digest,Love the funny articles the most and gained much knowledge as well! Do You know why? Hey let me tell you I never read my course(school) books sincerely ever in those days but I was crazy for the articles in Reader digest and those Humors in it.
  • Well that same Reader digest has come up with some great stuff to help you to discover whether you are normal or maybe nuts ? In times we go on weird about the things which are above the heights of our understanding! And here there is an opportunity for us to let the world know about our secret things.
  • See what Reader Digest explains: "The line between silly and serious is vanishingly thin. And so we put your letters before a panel of trusted experts to demonstrate which are merely colorful and which may require professional attention -- to giggle where we can and to guide where we must".
  • So we all have our own Quirks but there is a fine line between being quirky and nuts.I hope you are aware of your own Quirky or Weird mind!!
  • Guys i have a good reason to post Reader's Digest to get cleared whether its normal or maybe nuts.I usually love adventures and devote my time whenever i get a chance to climb mountains or huge trees with friends....but i never try against rivers,ponds,streams,waterfalls etc.Do you know why??? The only reason behind it is the fear of being drowned in water.
  • And that same fear rules me even today when i take bath. For I know that a bucket full of water cannot kill me ever but i feel such kind of fear often.I wait for Reader Digest experts to help me discover the exact reason of this,It may be a new things but its all about me!!
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