Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HM Ojala: Hell Blues

A song with HM Ojala's guitar blues with "on the spot" lyrics, plus a text of "Revelations of Heaven and Hell to 7 kolumbian youths."

Meditation - Guitar acoustic - Slide show

Improvisation meditative. I took my guitar... and I played, building freely around already composed little structures of notes. That day, I was deeply inspired... Testimony from a friend of mine (Fafa Rajfa): ... Il y a comme un appel dans tes chansons....un appel qui m'interpelle et qui me dit: "Vois et ecoute ce que je suis" (... There is like a call in your songs.... a call that challenges me and that says to me: "See and listen what I am") Yes, in my musics, there is only ONE important thing: they are prayers, and they are a call from God, telling: "Look, look at Me and watch at what I am, and listen to what I am"

Hell is a reality (Screaming of ...)

Video realised by Phil R.XP of REQUIEM ETERNAM A real recording of the screaming from Hell, by scientifics in Siberia, they discover the Hell and record it on a tape. After they give this tape on a radio station and that's is the result.

I've Seen Heaven, It's Incredible!t

Cliff Smith a Vietnam Vet describes dying on the battle field, seeing angels and heavens gates before getting a second chance at life. Please share with all your friends. Powerful Testimony!

My trips to Heaven Part 1

Delivered from porn addiction

Testimony- Porn Addiction. A journey with God and how He performed a miracle in my life.

From the NFL to hell and back...Jesus set him free

Powerful testimony of an NFL star who was lied to by the devil into Homosexuality and drug addiction up to the door of death.. and then Jesus set him free. Praise God!

A High Class Call Girl Finds a Higher Calling

Annie Lobert wanted to be like a star celebrity. But when she made it to Las Vegas, her dream turned into a nightmare.

Woman raised from the dead!

A woman that was dead for 12 hours, but by the faith of a son of God who prayed continuously, she came back to life, to tell of what she had experienced, to raise her children and to be of testimony so that many would believe.

Amy's addiction and her road to recovery

Amy shares her road to recovery from addiction. She is a recent graduate of Teen Challenge of Pensacola Women's Center, and plans to return to school in the fall.

Airplane Crash Surviver: Mickey Robinson's Testimony

The Incredible story of Mickey Robinson and his surviving an airplane crash, and meeting Jesus.

Pastor freed from jail in Azerbaijan - great testimony

Pastor freed from jail in Azerbaijan, speaks of Christ with him, sharing in his sufferings. Gives glory to Christ on his release in front of national media. Leads prisoners to Jesus. Presents one freed with him with his own bible. Encouraging testimony of the overcoming church.

Former Mr. America Anibal Lopez give his Testimony

Christian bodybuilder Anibal Lopez shares his testimony.

Man is Raised from the Dead!

Brace yourself: a man gets raised from the dead! That is, if you believe it's genuine ... what do you think?rnrn(this is an awesome miracle from Nigeria)

Tsunami prophesy

Dream of Tsunami before it happened!

Life Is Valuable, a Tsunami Memorial

The events that took place on December 26th, 2004 a Tsunami in the Indian Ocean that claimed the lives of over 200,000 lives moved me to produce and edit this memorial piece of clips and photos to music

Prophet Tom Deckard On Bird Flu, End Times & Bible Prophecy

Tom Deckard Is The Controversial Prophet Who Predicted The AIDS Plague, The Events Of 911, The Fall Of The Berlin Wall, The Indonesian Tsunami And Both Iraq Wars. The Visions That God Has Given Him Regarding The Future Of America Are Terrifying For Christians And Skeptics Alike. Prophet Deckard Has Never Missed On A Prophecy During His Entire 32 Year Ministry. If You Are Ready To Hear From A Real Prophet, Then Watch This Video

Tsunami Miracle-The Tsunami Miracle A Muslim woman comes to Christ in her time of need!

Shocking Youth Message Stuns Hearers

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chords: Kabhi Shaam Dhale


Dm           C   Dm        F
Aa, aa aa aa aa, aa, aa aa aa aa

G            Dm
Aa aa aa aa, aa aa aa aa

Dm                                      C
(Kabhi shaam dhale to mere dil mein aa jaana

Dm                    F        C       Dm
Kabhi chaand khile to mere dil mein aa jaana) - 2

Dm            C             Bb              Dm
Magar aana is tarha tum ke yahan se phir na jaana

Dm                                    C
Kabhi shaam dhale to mere dil mein aa jaana

Dm                    F        C       Dm
Kabhi chaand khile to mere dil mein aa jaana

Aa aa, aa aa aa aa aa aa
Oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Dm                 C
Tu nahin hai magar phir bhi tu saath hai

Dm                   C
Baat ho koi bhi teri hi baat hai

G          F     C    G     F
Tu hi mere andar hai, tu hi mere baahar hai

G             F     C    G          F
Jab se tujhko jaana hai, maine apna maana hai

Dm            C            Bb               Dm
Magar aana is tarha tum ke yahan se phir na jaana

Dm                                     C
(Kabhi shaam dhale to mere dil mein aa jaana

Dm                    F                Dm
Kabhi chaand khile to mere dil mein aa jaana) - 2

Oh oh aa, aa aa aa, aa aa
Aa aa aa, aa aa aa, aa aa aa, aa aa aa

Raat din ki meri dilkashi tumse hai
Zindagi ki kasam zindagi tumse hai
Tum hi meri aankhen ho sooni tanha raahon mein
Chaahe jitni doori ho, tum ho meri baahon mein
Magar aana is tarha tum ke yahan se phir na jaana
Kabhi shaam dhale, aah
Kabhi chaand khile, aah
Kabhi shaam dhale to mere dil mein aa jaana
Kabhi chaand khile to mere dil mein aa jaana
Aa, aa aa aa aa, aa, aa aa aa aa

Chords: Roja Jaaneman

 E E7 A E  (2)
E A Em B7 Em

 Em ~  B7   B
{ Ro   ja  jane man...

Em  ~ B7        B     E         ~     Em B
Tu  dil  ki-dhad-kan, tuj bin tarse nai-na...

(same as above)
Dil   se na jaati hain, yaadein tumhari, kaise tum bin jeena..

E            A     Em  B    E      A         Em  B
Aankhon mein tu    hai, aasu-on mein tu   hai..

(same as "ankho me"..)
Aankhein bandh kar loon to men mein bhi tu hai...

Em                   B    Am            B7
Khwaabon mein tu,  saason mein tu...     } ----- *


Roja jaaneman..
Tu dil ki dhadkan, tuj bin tarse naina...

(music)  The chords are beyond the scope of this post :-)
E  B B E B7 (2)
E  F#m A F#m A F#m


Chuu ki yunh chali hawa...

E               Em       B
Jaise chuu gaye ho tum..

Phool jo khile the vo..

E        Em      B
Shool ban gaye hain kyoon..

Jee raha hoon isliye..

E          E7      A
Dil mein pyaar hai tera..

Zulm seh raha hoon kyoon..

E          E7     A
Intezaar hai tera...

E          Em   B
Tumse mile    bina..

E                Em B
Jaan bhi na jaae-gi..

E                Em B
Qayamat se peh-le..

E              Em  B
Saamne tu aae-gi..

Em          B   Am             B7
Kahan hai tu, kaisi hai tu.........ROJA

Chords: Papa kehte hai

 C                   Am    F   G
Papa kahte hai bada naam karegaa

C                Am    F    G
beta hamara aisa kaam karegaa

       C              Am
magar yeh to, koi na jaane

  F                G
ki meri manzil he kahaa...

papa kahte hai.......

Baithe hai mil ke

..            Am
Sab yaar apne

sabke dilo main

armaan yeh hai..

C                               Am
woh zindagi main, kal kyaa banegaa

              F                 G
har ik nazar ka, sapnaa yeh hai..

C                Am   F    G
koi engineer ka kaam karegaa..

C                        Am  F   G
business main koi apnaa naam karegaa..

C                 Am
magar yeh to, koi na jaane........

papa .....

The second antra can be played similarly.

Chords: Aye mere humsafar

 Gm        D#
Aye merea humsafar

A#         F
Eak zara inzaar

F           F
Sun sadayan dea rahi hain

Manzil pyaar ki

The chords for music before para alternates as


Chords are same for the guitar lead
Para goes like this...

Gm               F
Aab hai judai ka mausam

F              Gm
Do pal ka maheaman

Gm                  F
Kaisea na jayeaga andharea

F                   Gm
Kyon na thamega toofaan

G         A#    F
Kaisea Na mileagi

Manzil pyaar ki

Chords: Jadu teri nazar

 Gm             F                   Gm
Jadoo Teri Nazar, Khooshboo tera badan

Gm             F                   Gm  D#(Hang at D# for 1 beat)
Jadoo Teri Nazar, Knooshboo tera badan

      A#        Gm
to haan kar, Ya Nakar

      A#        Gm
to haan kar, Ya Nakar

to hai meri ki

the chords before the para goes like this

Cm....Cm....A#...G....whole thing 2 times

then while stopping strum the
sequence A#... F...Gm... for 1 beat  each

     A#            F         Gm
Mere khwabon ki taasveer hai tu

  Cm           A#    F   Gm
bahkabar meri takdeer hai tu
..........above 2 lines 2 times

      Cm    A#    F    Gm
to  kisi aur ki ho na jaana

        A#       F         Gm   D#(hang at D# for 1 beat)
kuch bhi kar jaaonga main deewana

  A#   F   F     Gm
to han kar, ya na kar

       D#     Gm
to hai meri kiran

and the song loops .....

Chords: Kehana hi kya

Am        Am Am   Am      Dm     E     Am  Am
Kehana hi kya  Ye nain ek anjaan se jo mile
Chalane lage mohabbat ke jaise ye silasile
[Background chorus ceases first time round]

Dm        E       Am      Am    Dm       E           Am  Am
Aramaan naye aise dil men khile Jinako kabhi mein na jaanun
Vo hamase ham unase kabhi na mile, kaise mile dil na jaanun

C        C    Dm        Dm    G      E          E7  E7
Ab kya karen, kya naam len, kaise unhe main pukaarun

[Repeat refrain]

[Interlude 1]

Am  Am            Am Am Am
    Ga ma pa ga Aaaa

Am            F
Ga ma pa ni [ni sa ni pa] [ni sa ni pa] Ma pa Ga
F C Am G F Am

F    C  Am  G  F Em
Sa sa sa sa ni sa sa sa Ga sa ni sa

[Verse 1]

Am    Am      Am       Am        Em        Em     Em      Am
Pahalihi najar mein kuchh hum kuchh tum ho jaaten hai yun gum
Naino se barasaae rim-jhim, rim-jhim hamape pyaar ka savan

C      C           Gm  Gm  C C Gm Gm
Sharm thodi-thodi hamako  Aaye to nazaren jhuk jaaen
Sitam thodaa-thodaa hamape shok havaa bhi kar jaaye

Am Am      Dm  Dm       Em    Em      F      F
Aisi chali Aanchal ude Dil mein ek tufaan uthe

Fm     Fm       Em
Hum to lut gaye khade hi khade

[Repeat refrain]

[Repeat intial chorus]

[Verse 2]
In honthon ne maangaa saragam, saragam tu aur tera hi pyaar hai
Aankhen dhundhe hai jisako har dam, har dam tu aur tera hi pyaar hai

Mahafil men bhi tanhaa hai dil aise, dil aise
Tujhako kho na de Darataa hai ye aise, ye aise

Aaj mili aisi khushi jhum uthi duniya ye meri
Tumako paayaa to paa_i zindagi

Am        Am C C
Kehana hi kya

Tanha dil

Aakhon Main sapne Liyea

Ghar Se hum chal to diyea

G#m                               C#m
Janea yeah Rahain Ab leyengeagi kahan

Same tune for the next para(Mitti ki khsboo ayea...)
The Chorous goes like this..

      C#m         E
Tanha dil tanha safar

E                             F#
Dohoondea tujhea fir kayon nazar

The chords remain same in entire song.
The chords for the last chorous part are...

  C#m    E      F#            C#m

Gm                  F
Kaisea na jayeaga andharea

F                   Gm
Kyon na thamega toofaan

G         A#    F
Kaisea Na mileagi

Manzil pyaar ki

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3gb community

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I'm Back Guys!!

It was a long-long trip!!! For a month I was not in touch with web n now I find it a bit difficult to grab the flow in this large web world.I hope you all are fine and doing good....See u later guys!!!! bye